Our Story


A Swahili word that means: to Reflect / to Meditate (upon) / to Ponder (over)

We invite you to take yourself on a self-planned journey — for you — by you. With our guidance we would like to invite you to explore the mysteries, pleasures and wonders of our unique African bush. Our wish is that when you leave and take a part of Africa home with you, your experience has led to self reflection and appreciation; but most of all, reminds you to think and live in the moment to truly understand and enjoy your unique surroundings.

We are two safari addicts with 40 years combined experience in the industry, realising a dream to promote sustainable safari tourism.

We understand that great holidays need inspirational ideas, exceptional locations, expert advice and good planning. There is an art to travelling well. No two journeys are the same, even if the route and destination are one and each journey should be a unique adventure and you should have a hand in the planning. At the same time, it is important to have peace of mind booking with a company that understands safaris. We personalize each safari itinerary based on our interaction with our clients. We create your unique itinerary with attention to detail guaranteeing you a dream African safari.

We believe that travel should be about experiencing something new and finding things that exceed your expectations. It should be about curiosity, growth and knowledge, generating both calm reflection and pure delight in your surroundings.

Whether discovering the wonders of Africa for the first time or returning for a second, fifth, or tenth time, we love to work with our clients to design a safari experience that best suits your travel style and interests to create that unforgettable holiday and leave you wanting to return over and over again. From our first contact, through the duration of your stay and until you are safely home again, we will be with you!

We invite you to immerse yourself in our safari collection including set departure safaris and custom designed safaris. Authentic, wild, luxurious – this is our notion of an incredible safari experience and we look forward to inspiring you and working with you on that unforgettable adventure you deserve.