Kitich Forest Camp

Out of the parched desert landscape of northern Kenya rises the beautiful Mathews Mountain Range, offering a haven of lush green forests. Tucked deep in this forest is the wonderful Kitich Forest Camp, offering a very different experience for the lucky few that get to spend time here. Guests at Kitich can expect a stay filled with discovery and exploration.

At Kitich Forest Camp there are just 6 tents, each with an en suite bathroom with flush toilets and hot showers. From every tent there is a view out into the Ngeng River gorge and lush hardwood forest, age old cycads and flowering shrubs. From the private verandas in front of each tent you may be lucky enough to see a variety of African wildlife in the valley, from elephants to leopards!

The main camp area is where you can congregate around the watering hole (bar!) and relax on the deck and take in the spectacular scenery.

Unlike other destinations around Kenya, at Kitich Forest Camp guests swap 4×4 safari vehicles for walking. Head out from camp with your amazing Ndorobo Samburu guides, affectionately known locally as the “masters of the forest”. Your guides will lead you on a choice of 12 trails through virgin forests, taking in spectacular views. Wildlife encounters are plentiful, with sightings of elephant, antelope and buffalo common. You may even be lucky enough to spot leopards or African wild dogs.

Guests at the camp are hosted by members of the local Samburu community, and get the chance to learn more about this striking tribe of northern Kenya. For those wanting a more immersive experience your guides can take you into the bustling marketplace and introduce you to local tribe members. On certain days you may even be lucky enough to visit the iconic “Singing Wells” of the region, where tribe members dig deep holes to reach fresh water for their cattle. The tribes people have a unique song for each well, which is said to have a soothing effect on the cattle, and even allows the cattle to know which well is ‘theirs”.

In the evenings, the river and surrounding forest clearing is floodlit allowing guests the chance to view animals coming to drink which sitting comfortably on the main deck, with a well-earned G&T in hand.

Adventures offered from camp: Guided forest walks; swimming in rock pools; cultural interactions; quad biking; singing wells; Reteti elephant orphanage.