Lamai Serengeti Camp

Lamai Serengeti Camp is set high up on the beautiful Kogakuria Kopjes in the far north of the Serengeti National Park, with stunning views out towards the Mara River Valley and the Lamai Wedge. This elegant and substantial camp offers every modern comfort and convenience, while still retaining an intimate, eco-friendly ethos; so much so that, from a distance, it’s almost invisible among the boulders of the kopje.

Between July and October Lamai Serengeti in a prime position to witness the Great Migration of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, and is close enough to the Mara River to experience the awe-inspiring river crossings where masses of animals confront the deep, fast-flowing water and the enormous crocodiles that live within it.

But even beyond the Migration season, a wealth of wildlife remains to be enjoyed. Game drives and safari walks accompanied by highly knowledgeable guides deliver a thrilling Big 5 experience, including an abundance of birds.

Beautifully designed open-fronted rooms, a spacious lounge and clear pool provide an ideal place to escape to for some relaxation in between your wildlife adventures, for both families, groups and couples.

Activities offered from camp: Game drives and Guided walking safaris.