Sosian Ranch

Sosian Ranch House sits on a 24,000 acre private ranch in Laikipia. The ranch house was built in the 1940s by Italian artisans and in recent years was beautifully restored to accommodate up to 14 people in the atmosphere of a private home. The 7 cottages each have their own private veranda and en-suite bathroom, and the lodge has a swimming pool, tennis court, and organic vegetable garden.

Sosian is more about the activities than a traditional safari experience. You will see game including elephants, lions and maybe wild dogs, but the area does not have the density of the Maasai Mara. Sosian Ranch is terrific for active people and activities include game drives and walks, horseback riding, camelback riding and tubing; those brave enough can even jump off a waterfall! Guests can end each day in a different, stunning sundowner spot. With so much to see and do here, the property is great for kids and offers a break from non-stop game drives.

The cottages themselves are comfortably appointed, with soft bedding, electricity and running water, all of which can offer a welcoming change in an itinerary that is full of tented camps. Comfortable accommodation and a relaxed environment make Soisan a good value for money property, suitable for everyone, and great for families.